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The following organisations providing leadership in health, safety and welfare and Training and competence the wind industry. By facilitating collaborative working between wind industry duty holders, regulators and other stakeholders the these organisations work to;

• Develop, implement and communicate suitable and sufficient training and competency requirements accounts for the sector specific requirements and risk profile;

• Develop, implement and communicate new and existing good practice and experience both from the UK and internationally;

• Provide health and safety leadership across wind sector;

• Monitor and gather data on the health and safety performance of the sector;

• Seek to share knowledge and good practice with associated sectors, in the UK and beyond as appropriate


RenewableUK members are building our future energy system, powered by clean electricity.

We bring them together to deliver that future faster; a future which is better for industry, billpayers, and the environment. We support over 400 member companies to ensure increasing amounts of renewable electricity are deployed across the UK and access markets to export all over the world. Our members are business leaders, technology innovators, and expert thinkers from right across industry.


Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is a non-profit body founded by wind turbine manufacturers and owners. GWO members strive for an injury free work environment in the wind turbine industry, setting common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures. GWO training standards describe the requirements for training courses that are recommended by members of GWO. By complying with GWO standards and criteria, certified training providers are considered competent and proficient. GWO seek to deliver results that contribute to the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including  Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Quality Education, target 4.4. As contribution to SDG 4.4, GWO seeks on behalf of its membership to substantially increase the number of wind technicians, who have GWO standardised training as a key enabler of its mission to create an injury free working environment in wind.




The G+ exists to deliver world class health and safety performance in the global offshore wind

industry. G+ members and associate members include the sector’s key players, including developers, manufacturers and service suppliers who commit resources and actively support the work. Working in close collaboration with partners from offshore wind and adjacent

industries such as oil & gas, marine and construction, G+ drive a global health and safety agenda through the work programme which includes incident reporting, Safe by Design

workshops and Good Practice Guidance.


SafetyOn is the health and safety organisation for the Onshore wind sector. Providing leadership in health and safety for the dynamic and innovative onshore wind industry, SafetyOn ensure transparency about the industry’s H&S performance, as well as assisting industry stakeholders to see that key emerging risks are mitigated through co-operation and shared learning.



SafetyOn work to:

•provide health and safety leadership across the onshore wind sector;

•seek participation of companies from across the onshore wind sector and partner with relevant trade organisations, consultancies and others;

•monitor and gather data on the health and safety performance of the sector;

•make use of and ensure effective communication of new and existing good practice and experience both from the UK and internationally;

•seek to share knowledge and good practice with associated sectors, including offshore wind, conventional generation and power networks, in the UK and beyond as appropriate

Working through the Energy Institute SafetyOn have established an open network of safety and health experts, professionals and stakeholders to promote a strong, sustainable and continually improving health and safety culture.

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